Friday, 15 March 2013

Java Final Keyword

  • A java variable can be declared using the keyword final. Then the final variable can be assigned only once.
  • A variable that is declared as final and not initialized is called a blank final variable. A blank final variable forces the constructors to initialize it.
  • Java classes declared as final cannot be extended. Restricting inheritance!
  • Methods declared as final cannot be overridden. In methods private is equal to final, but in variables it is not.
  • final parameters – values of the parameters cannot be changed after initialization. Do a small java exercise to find out the implications of final parameters in method overriding.
  • Java local classes can only reference local variables and parameters that are declared as final.
  • A visible advantage of declaring a java variable as static final is, the compiled java class results in faster performance.

Blog Author: Vijay Kumar

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